General conditions and instructions for tourist packages
For a trip organised by the Marin Travel Agency (hereinafter: the Agency), the passenger may apply at the Agency, where the contract will be concluded, containing all the information about the trip or referring to the travel programme with all the necessary information. The passenger shall sign the contract, noting that he or she is familiar with the programme and terms and conditions of the trip and that he or she fully accepts them. In the application process, the passenger shall provide all the information or documents required in the travel programme.
The package price (unless specified otherwise in the travel programme) generally contains transport, accommodation and catering services as well as travel organisation costs.
Special services are services not included in the package price (single room, additional meals, and excursions) and are paid separately by the passenger. The passenger shall request special services during the application process and pay the additional price on top of the package price. Should the passenger require any special services during the trip, such services shall be paid to the guide or the travel organiser’s representative on the spot in the currency of the country where they are located.
When making a payment, the passenger shall pay 30% of the package price as booking confirmation. The remaining amount shall be paid 14 days before the travel date at the latest. When making individual bookings for travelling abroad, the agency shall charge costs of booking at a rate set by the agency and in accordance with postal expenses (phone, fax). Booking expenses shall not be returned if the passenger does not accept the offered package. At departure, the passenger shall provide the document confirming package payment – the original voucher – to the representative or guide. If at the moment of your booking there are no free spots, you may deposit 100 HRK for booking costs based on which we will search for additional spots on request. In case your booking is confirmed, the payment will be included in the package price and if it is not confirmed, the amount will be returned in full. If you fail to accept our confirmed booking, the Agency will keep 100 HRK for covering booking costs.
Travel prices shall be published in the travel programme and shall be valid from the day the programme is published. Prices specified in our programme are based on the contract with our partners and may not correspond to prices published at your travel destination and any difference may not be a basis for a claim. Travel organiser may plan for certain services used abroad to be paid on the spot by the passenger. In that case, the passenger shall submit any claims directly to the service provider abroad. The agency may notify the passenger of any changes in prices in writing or orally. The agency may request an increase of the agreed price in case of changes in currency exchange or changes in carrier or hotel rates occurring after contract conclusion. In case of a price increase in the amount greater than 10%, the passenger may choose to opt out on the package and inform the Agency of the decision within 48 hours from the receipt of the oral or written notice. If the passenger does not cancel the trip in this time period, that shall signify the agreement with the change in price.
Hotels, suites or other facilities offered in the Agency’s programmes shall be described in accordance with the official categorisation of a specified country valid at the time the programme is published. Food, comfort and other services are controlled by local tourist boards and accommodation standards may differ and are not comparable. The Agency shall not take responsibility for any written or oral information not in accordance with the description of services and facilities in our programmes valid for a specified trip offered to the passenger. The arrangement of accommodation in rooms or apartments shall be determined by the reception at the destination. If a passenger has not arranged for a room / apartment with special features, the passenger will accept any officially registered room / apartment for rent in a particular facility described in the catalogue / pricelist. Passengers may not enter accommodation before 4 pm on the day the service starts, and they must leave accommodation by 10 am unless otherwise indicated in the travel program. For arrivals after 8 pm, the agency shall be notified thereof one day before the trip begins. The number of available beds in the apartment also establishes the maximum number of guests, i.e. the apartment cannot accommodate any more guests. A child counts as an adult. The apartment owner is entitled to deny guest accommodation on the spot if the number of persons is larger than the one announced by the agency.
A passenger applying for travel abroad shall have valid travel documents. When registering or until the expiration of the deadline specified in the programme, the passenger is required to provide the necessary information and bring the documents for the visa of the destination country. The travel organiser shall not guarantee the issuance of a visa. If the passenger fails to fulfil these obligations, the passenger is deemed to have cancelled the journey.
Pursuant to the Tourism Act, the agency’s employees shall offer to passengers a travel insurance “package”, consisting of health insurance of passengers during their stay abroad, insurance of luggage, insurance against accident consequences, as well as travel cancellation insurance. By signing a contract, the passenger confirms that he or she was offered a travel insurance package.
The passenger may cancel the trip by notifying the agency in writing or orally. In that case, the Agency shall retain the amount paid, in the amount which depends on the date of the trip cancellation in accordance with the following (unless otherwise indicated in the programme).
Bus travel in Europe and summer holiday in Croatia
 up to 30 days before departure, 20% of package price or at least 100 HRK.
 29 – 22 days before departure, 40% of package price
 21 – 15 days before departure, 50% of package price
 14 – 8 days before departure, 80% of package price
 07 – 0 days before departure, 100% of package price
 after departure, 100% of package price
Long distance trips, foreign language courses, skiing, cruises, airplane travel
 – up to 30 days before departure, 25% of package price
 – 29 – 15 days before departure, 80% of package price
 – 14 – 0 days before departure, 100% of package price
 – after departure, 100% of package price

These cancellation conditions shall also apply to change of departure date or hotel facility, and in all other cases. If a passenger should decide to cancel the trip while the trip is already ongoing, he or she shall not be entitled to the reimbursement upon return. The Agency charges administrative costs if a passenger / contract holder cancels the trip or finds a new user for the same booking or if a passenger with a paid cancellation insurance cancels the trip.
Should a passenger anticipate cancelation of a trip on account of certain circumstances when booking the trip, he / she may pay cancellation insurance. Cancellation insurance may not be paid subsequently. Cancellation insurance is valid only in the following cases, with obligatory written confirmation: military draft, illness, death in the immediate family. Cancellation insurance is valid up to 48 hours prior to the start of the trip with a written confirmation presented, and amounts to 1.55% of the package value (unless otherwise indicated). Cancellation insurance shall not be paid out when the package is cancelled. If the passenger does not have a paid cancellation insurance and must cancel the trip and has a certificate of a military draft, illness or death in the immediate family, the Agency reserves the right of payment according to the rules set forth in item 8. In case of cancellation of the package, the cost of obtaining a visa is not paid out even in case the passenger has a paid cancellation insurance.
The passenger shall follow custom and foreign currency regulations and if the passenger fails to follow them and that results in inability to continue with the trip, all costs and consequences arising thereof shall be borne by the passenger.
The Agency, based on valid legal regulations, reserves the right to cancel the trip 5 days before departure if the trip has been cancelled by the travel organiser for which the Agency is acting as an agent in the sale of the said package or if the number of passengers for individual travel programmes is insufficient. If not specified otherwise in the programme, the smallest number of registered passengers in a means of transport shall be:

 for bus travel, min. 45 passengers
– for midi bus travel, min. 23 passengers
– for mini bus travel, min. 14 passengers
– for travel van, min. 5 passengers
 – for airline travel in Europe, min. 20 passengers
 – for intercontinental airline travel, min. 15 passengers
 – for travel on special airlines, trains or hydrofoil – at least 80% of capacities.
For one day excursions and packages, the organiser may cancel the trip 2 (two) days before departure at the latest.
The Agency reserves the right to make full or partial changes to the programme in case of extraordinary circumstances that cannot be foreseen or avoided right before the beginning or during the trip. The Agency reserves the right to change the date or hour of a trip due to a change in the flight schedule or the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances, as well as the right to change the direction of travel if the conditions of travel change (change of flight schedule, security situation in a particular country, natural disasters or other situations which the Agency cannot control) without payment of compensation and according to applicable regulations in international traffic. The Agency shall not be liable for any changes due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure during the trip. In such cases, the Agency may organise services in accordance with the given circumstances. Should the Agency cancel the trip, the passenger shall be entitled to full refund.
Each passenger / holder of the contract has the right to object to any unperformed contract service and shall make a written complaint to the Agency thereof no later than 8 days after the end of the trip. If a passenger encloses a written complaint after the expiration of this deadline, the Agency shall not consider it. Immediately on the spot, the passenger shall complain about an inadequate service to a travel organiser or organiser’s representative, and if any of the latter is not present, to the service provider. If the passenger does not make the complaint in the manner mentioned above, in writing, with confirmation that he or she is using the service, the passenger waives the right to compensation. Each passenger / holder of the contract makes the complaint separately: the organiser will not accept any group complaint procedure. Without a written complaint, the Agency shall not consider requests for a reduction in the price or payment of damages. If due to the Agency’s own fault the programme or part of the service is not carried out, the passenger is entitled to compensation in the amount of the actual value of the unused services. The travel organiser shall make a written decision on the complaint within 14 days upon receipt of the complaint at the point of sale. The organiser may postpone the deadline for further 14 days in order to gather information and review the allegations of the complaint, of which the organiser is required to notify the passenger making the complaint in writing. Until the organiser makes the decision, the passenger shall waive the right to mediation of any other person or court institution and shall not provide information to media. The organiser will only deal with complaints for which it is established that the cause could not be remedied on the spot. The court in Zagreb shall be competent in the event of a dispute. In case of foreign tour operators’ programmes, the Agency shall not be responsible for their omissions and shall not be considered as a travel organiser in a court dispute, but shall act as a mediator in travel organisation and as a mediator between a guest and organiser. Also, it shall not pay or compensate for any mistakes of foreign tour operators. In these programs, the conditions of a tour operator / travel organiser are applicable, which is also an integral part of the contract between the Agency acting as a mediator and a passenger.
Some programmes have specific travel rules that include mandatory vaccination and obtaining appropriate documents. The passenger shall carry out mandatory vaccinations as well as carry certificates and documents confirming this. We recommend purchasing a health insurance policy.
Transport of luggage up to a certain weight determined by the carrier is free of charge. For air transport, the passenger pays for additional luggage according to the applicable policies and rates. Children up to 2 years of age shall not be entitled to free luggage transport. The Agency shall not be liable for any lost or damaged luggage. Complaints about lost luggage shall be made to the carrier or hotel. In case of air transport, the airline company shall be solely liable for luggage on the basis of regulations applicable in international traffic. In case of loss of luggage, the passenger shall fill out the PIR form of the airline which performed transportation and submit it to the representative of the airline, while retaining one copy for himself / herself. Based on a completed form, the airline shall pay the damages according to the regulations applicable to international passenger traffic. We recommend purchasing a luggage insurance policy.
If a passenger loses travel documents during a trip or the travel documents are stolen, the passenger shall obtain new ones at his or her own expense.
The passenger has to make sure that he or she, and his or her documents and things meet the conditions set forth in the border, customs, health and other regulations of his or her country of origin and the country of destination, and shall adhere to house rules in catering and hotel facilities and cooperate with the representative of the travel organiser and the service provider in good faith. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the passenger shall be liable for any damage caused and the Agency shall not be liable for any damage. In such a case, the passenger shall pay the damages to the owner of the facility (hotel, apartment, etc.) at the reception.
Information received by the passenger at the application point shall not be binding for the organiser to an extent greater than the information given in the travel programme itself.
These terms and conditions for travel exclude all previous travel conditions and instructions. The general terms and conditions of travel shall comprise an integral part of the contract concluded between the passenger and the Agency or the authorized tourist agency through which the passenger booked a trip with our organization.

In accordance with the law, in the case of insolvency or bankruptcy of a travel organiser, passengers amidst a trip, as well as persons who have already paid advance payments for a trip, should at once contact the insurance company Triglav osiguranje d.d. Zagreb, Antuna Heinza 4, 10000 Zagreb, by phone +385 1 563 2715 or email: and specify the address or phone number where the insurance representative may contact them. This document shall be valid as an insurance certificate in case of bankruptcy or insolvency of the travel organiser. Insurance policy guarantee number: XXXXXXXXXXX.

21. NOTE
In case of dispute, court in Zagreb shall have jurisdiction.
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